After a break, I've decided to pick up a new project - learn python. I have a specific work goal in mind - create a small application to create, manage, remove, map, etc. CloudFront distributions that use a custom origin server, i.e. not S3, across multiple AWS accounts. It seems that boto is way to go. It has an uphill battle - the AWS provided SDKs are really quite easy to use and are well documented.

EDIT: Gah! Talking about leaping before looking! I pull up the boto API reference page on cloudfront and I see the following:
This module is not well tested. Paging of distributions is not yet supported. CNAME support is completely untested. Use with caution. Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.
Sounds not quite ready for a) learning python b) using at work. <sigh> Learning python is still the next project, but I won't be using it for this concept.

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