Splitting traffic with an F5 BigIP LTM iRule

Another item filed under "notetoself" - how to split traffic by URI with an iRule applied to a virtual server on an F5 BigIP LTM.

set default_pool [LB::server pool]
if { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/path/to/split/off" } {
pool pool_to_split_to
} else {
pool $default_pool
Normally, I am against this type of hack. I believe that content should have a unique location - if there's two URLs that can get you to the same bit of content, people will use them interchangeably and it will cause nothing but headaches. However, in this case the $default_pool content is a Tomcat stack running a custom framework backed by Oracle and the pool_to_split_to is a LAMP stack running drupal backed by MySQL e.g. they couldn't be any different. This is the best way to unify the URL to access both without creating unnecessary extra hops across the network (say, using apache's mod_proxy_http).

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