Enabling Markdown on your apache webserver - update 3

Last time on "Enabling Markdown on your apache webserver":
And now, the exciting conclusion....

I've updated my CGI handler yet again with a few new features and I've posted it on my GitHub account, in the docs-on-clearance repo (get 'em cheap while they're all marked down! yuk yuk yuk). The new features are:

1. Included an Apache config snippet that you can just drop into an include directory.

2. The rendered HTML now has a stylesheet! And not just any stylesheet - a cool responsive Bootstrap stylesheet loaded from a CDN! Yes, it's mostly the plain default one with some margins, but it looks a lot better.

3. I enabled table-of-contents links for all header sections so you can have URI fragments that point directly to sections of your document. I consider this unfinished as the fragments are of the form #toc_2 - which isn't very useful. I believe the latest versions of the gem have GitHub style toc fragments, but that's not what is in the ubuntu package repos.

4. I've added support for caching the rendered HTML with memcached. This is more like a nice-to-have, but since we're going to use this full-time for internal documentation at $WORK, I figured I should make the extra effort. Of course, I chose poorly an outdated gem to implement this with, but it's ship now, fix later. Updating to Dalli or something on the ToDo list.

tl;dr - see the docs-on-clearance repo for the code.

As always, I welcome comments, suggestions and pull requests.

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