Its done!

Yes - it is really done!

At 7:58am this morning I cut over the MX record for tonns.com to my slicehost VM. At 8:06am it bounced its first spam message with postgrey. Since then, I have tweaked the cram-md5 setting in dovecot and have added forwarding procmail recipes for Gmail. I've also setup the rest of the monitoring with my local Nagios instance so I know if something goes awry. I've also setup my parents with the new 50-year CA cert, using a slightly modified version of CA.pl. Specifically, I've changed $DAYS to 3650, $CATOP to where I'm keeping my certificate stuff, added $ENV{"OPENSSL_CONF"}="$CATOP/openssl.cnf" for my custom configuration and added some print statements to see what openssl commands it runs. Oh and I've also setup rdiff-backup again so I can keep a copy of all the key bits of my slice at home, with incremental backups. The only thing left to do, which I am still undecided about, is setup a daemonized fetchmail to grab mail from my legacy email addresses via POP3.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the setup. I wish I had a little more RAM - but right now, it is a great setup.


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