This time, it stands for "yet another computer cliche" - specifically I've 'switched'. My job got me a new 15.4" MacBookPro and I love it. OS 10.5 ('Leopard' as all the 'in' mac geeks call it) is extra slick. With this 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, Spaces and Expose are wicked fast and impressive looking. However, I realize how required they are. With Windows you can always see every instance of every window in the taskbar, even if it's barely there and you can see only half an icon. I can't imagine how a Mac user found running apps before Expose. For IM, Adium is great. At it's core, I believe it's a port of GAIM, but the one thing that's missing is IRC. For that, I use Colloquy - a nice, beautiful looking client. Wifi and OpenVPN were a snap. Connecting to my samba shares on the Linux server was also easy, but the printer was more complex. The biggest gotcha so far has been HEAT... it is running damn hot. I've installed Temperature Monitor and smcFanControl based on a co-worker's recommendation and a message board thread. It mostly heats up running Parallels, but I've also had a Dashboard widget go bonkers on me too.

I've also recently purchased a slice, but more on that when I get to do something with it.

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