bah, roadrunner

I have a feeling TWC/RoadRunner botched a major upgrade to their network yesterday. My cable modem was offline for close to 12 hours. Two things were learned from this:

1) on OpenWrt, make sure "cache-file=/tmp/ez-ipup" is set in your /etc/ez-ipupdate.conf. A few days before the outage, my DHCP lease time dropped to 1 hour. Without ez-ipupdate caching my DynDNS account, I was temporarily banned. Also, my IP is now on a totally different subnet. Low lease time before outage + New ip after outage + High lease time after outage = they changed some serious shit. With a 12 hr downtime, they obviously thought it was going to go much better, but flubbed it.

2) The MS Update for KB911280 is incompatible with the current Road Runner dialer. I had to bang my head against a half-dozen TWC phone turds before one *finally* handed me off to tech support so I could get dialed in. The real dial-up tech support had this fixed in the time it took to reboot WindowsXP. Of course, it was too-little-too-late to be online for the early-morning maintenance work that I needed to do.

Anyway, I'm back online. It does make me think twice about using "crappy mega-corp" as my upstream, but it's the least of the evils available to me right now.

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